Mice Facts

Despised and feared by most of our customers, mice can cause a significant amount of sleep loss for there size, and for good reason. 1 mouse can have 5-10 litters per year, with 5-8 babies per litter. That averages approximately 40+ babies per year. Furthermore, these babies are ready to breed and have there own babies in as few as 30-45 days.

Mice infestations normally have nothing to do with how clean you keep your house. They are naturally drawn indoors as it offers safety and warmth. Houses are simply just not built well enough too keep them out. If you can squeeze your pinky finger in a hole, a mouse can easily get into your house through it. 

Common Concerns

Common concerns with mice are similar to those of squirrels as they are both rodents, and must continuously gnaw on things to keep their teeth short. Mice are also transporters of germs and diseases which are excreted in their urine and droppings and can potentially contaminate your cupboards, countertops and any food they came in contact with.

An adult mouse typically produces 50-75 droppings per day. Thats around 20,000 droppings per year.


Mouse Removal and Control

Having mice in a house is pretty common, most houses have them to some degree. But it doesn't have to be. Houses are just not built well enough to prevent such a small animal from being able to invade. That is why we have specialized in not just baiting
for mice, but removing mice from houses and mouse proofing the exterior to prevent them from re-entering. We seal and secure the entire house once so that people do not have to hire a company yearly to place poison out to control the mice.